About Solid FX

Built upon a robust, modular and highly extensible technology base, the Solid FX trading platform provides unrivaled and ultra high-speed access to a vast pool of spot FX liquidity. Solid FX is the only true multi-bank ECN in mainland Europe, supported by an undisputed central counter party for clearing and settlement combined with low latency, high reliability and full transparency. Above all Solid FX offers free market access and no execution fees. This makes Solid FX a highly attractive FX venue for anyone in FX trading. Solid FX’s goal is to provide a transparent platform with a near zero latency matching engine, conforming to the business rules seen on regulated exchanges. Furthermore, high reliability and customer service are major focus points to ensure an optimal trading experience.

Some of the largest banks in FX are streaming their prices to the Solid FX platform and we also provide an impressive flow from institutional and asset management firms along with substantial proprietary turnover. This results in an FX platform that offers not only real liquidity but also the best spreads compared to any other institutional FX platform out there.

Although relatively new in the Forex spot trading arena, Solid FX is the perfect example of a currency platform that can easily compete with the best in the business. The newly developed Solid FX platform is a state-of-the-art currency-trading platform, providing deep liquidity in virtually every currency pair. The Solid FX technology offers a transparent platform, with a near zero latency matching engine which conforms to the business rules seen on regulated exchanges and trading platforms.

As a client you can connect electronically with your proprietary trading software to the Solid platform for both market data and order execution. Our engineers have built robust back-end order routing and transaction messaging for any market participant to connect to your bank or prime broker directly. With this typical straight-through-processing (STP) supporting the daily trading output, FX deals will lead straight into your
back-office systems. This allows you to use the transactional data without delay for reconciliation, risk management and additional processes. On top of that asset managers and institutional investors are very happy with our highly reliable and undisputed central counter party. This way their credit and counter party risks can be eliminated.

Meet Our Team

Solid Trading BV is a privately-held IT development & consultancy company, specialized in automated FX trading solutions and custom software development for the financial sector, providing solid and high quality software systems for small to mid-sized trading firms.

With over 15 years of experience in IT development and a deep understanding of markets, financial products and trading strategies, Solid Trading BV is able to build a bridge between IT and trading, filling the gap in financial knowledge that most IT companies display and speaking the language trading firms expect. We provide consultancy on how to make use of IT in the most efficient and effective way and we can help to actually implement the suggested solutions.

Customer satisfaction is key for our business, with quality being the most important aspect of the products we offer.

  • Patrick Fleur


  • Diego Baptista

    Founder, CTO

  • José Baptista

    Founder, Managing Director

  • Stijn Reijne

    Liquidity Manager

  • Remco de Koning

    Software Architect

  • Martin Dirkzwager

    Software Architect

  • Chris-Jan Twigt

    Software Architect

  • Martijn Stokhof

    Operations Manager

  • Eelco Wisselink

    Support Engineer

  • Rogier Voogt

    Designer, UI Developer

  • Boy Cooper


  • Kenneth Baptista

    Management Assistant

  • Iris de Wilde

    Office Manager

Our Customers

Working closely together with our customers is essential for achieving our goal of delivering a robust, high-quality and cutting-edge trading experience for every client.

We focus on long-term relationships and use our expertise of optimizing liquidity, combined with our flexible and transparent way of working to reach these goals. This is why we have a rapidly growing clientele of banks, brokers, hedge funds and corporate clients who choose Solid FX to be their partner.