Price Markets (UK) launches Solid FX ECN platform.

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City of London, United Kingdom, 6th June 2014

Price Markets (UK), an FX Prime Brokerage Services provider based in London, has teamed up with
Solid FX, a leading non-bank market maker and multi-bank ECN, to launch their latest platform globally to
Price Markets’s Institutional client base.

Solid FX is a Foreign Exchange trading platform, providing deep liquidity in virtually every currency pair
with near zero latency matching engines, conforming to the business rules seen on regulated exchanges.

Price Markets Prime Brokerage Services decided to on-board Solid FX to its wide range of FX ECN’s in
order to further broaden its access to FX liquidity venues via GUI and API and most importantly, to near
zero latency matching engines based in London.

“ We are very pleased to partner with Solid FX. We have already on-boarded a proprietary trading firm on
their platform and several others in the pipeline. On-boarding was as straight-forward as it could possibly
get and their support team is extremely helpful and even taken into consideration additional algorithms for
future release from our clients. It’s an absolute pleasure working with a team like the guys at Solid FX,”
shared his experience A.B. Talei, Head of Business Development at Price Markets (UK). “Solid FX has
already been integrated and tested with our back-office and post-trade processing software so it’s pretty
much a plug-and-play solution for our clients.”

“Since the first contact with Price Markets they show a very pro-active stance. The first client onboarding
process was straight-forward and showed Price Markets’ capability and professionalism. As we are
already in business with London Capital Group for some years, it make sense for us to intensify the
business via Price Markets. We also believe we can add some value towards the existing pool of FX
venues, since Solid FX is known for years for their superior technique and flexible ability to create unique
custom-made liquidity pools” confirmed M. Westerman, Head of Sales at Solid FX.

With Solid FX added to their range of seven FX ECN’s, Price Markets is now providing access to
numerous matching engines in New York, London and Tokyo, further simplifying price discovery and low
latency execution across numerous venues for its demanding client base.

About Price Markets (UK)

Price Markets, a trading name of London Capital Group, is an FX Prime Brokerage Services provider
based in London, UK which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and
listed on the London Stock Exchange. Price Markets provides access to the most established FX and
Precious Metals liquidity sources through one single prime brokerage solution via GUI and API
connectivity over the Internet or cross-connect directly to the ECN’s. For more information, visit or

About Solid FX

Built upon a robust, modular and highly extensible technology base, the Solid FX trading platform
provides unrivalled and ultra high-speed access to a vast pool of spot FX liquidity. Solid FX is the only
true multi-bank ECN in mainland Europe, supported by an undisputed central counterparty for clearing