SolidFX partners with TradAir

June 15, 2015 | solid | Uncategorized

SolidFX and TradAir today announced that SolidFX has partnered with TradAir, making Solid FX unique liquidity available to clients utilizing the TradAir platform.

Solid FX provides market leading foreign exchange pricing and services, offering deep, unique and tailored liquidity across a variety currencies, specializing in G10 and EM pairs.  Solid FX has cross connected to TradAir in London and Secaucus to provide low latency access to its global pricing, offering a premium service offering to its clients.

TradAir is a leading provider of customized optimization solutions to banks, brokers and ECN’s, unitizing the latest in technological advancements to help clients achieve their goals. TradAir’s global clients are able to access bespoke liquidity specific to them, maintaining direct and transparent relationships with their liquidity providers.  Solid FX is now able to offer their clients access to their liquidity via TradAir.

Frank van Zegveld, Head of Business Development for Solid FX commented, “We are pleased to offer our clients access to our liquidity utilizing TradAir’s superior technology.  With TradAir, we are able to maintain direct relationships with our clients, offering them custom liquidity to meet their needs.  TradAir is a great partner for us, enabling unique solutions for our clients.”

“We are excited to be working with Solid FX to offer their clients and our’s access to their unique liquidity,” commented Brian Andreyko, Head of Strategy and Corporate Development at TradAir.  “Solid FX specialization in price making makes them an ideal partner, ensure clients have low latency access over our highly available global network.”

About TradAir

TradAir is a leading provider of front office optimization solutions designed to offer financial institutions the ability to enhance their client relationships and participation in the global markets, creating new revenue streams and reducing costs. TradAir provides an end-to-end infrastructure from price generation and dynamic distribution to aggregation and algo trading optimization solutions utilizing the latest technology.  The TradAir solution is modular and seamlessly integrates with existing components, providing the highest level of customization, flexibility and time to market.  TradAir has offices in London, New York and Tel Aviv

About SolidFX

About Solid FX Built upon a robust, modular and highly extensible technology base, the Solid FX trading platform provides unrivalled and ultra high-speed access to a vast pool of spot FX liquidity. Solid FX is the only true multi-bank ECN in mainland Europe, supported by an undisputed central counterparty for clearing and settlement combined with low latency, high reliability and full transparency. Above all Solid FX offers free market access and no execution fees. This makes Solid FX a highly attractive FX venue for anyone in FX trading. Solid FX has the ability to create unique & tailored liquidity solutions to suit every client’s needs.