Uncompromised rock solid ECN technology

Solid FX is our platform for FX trading and the only true multi-bank ECN in mainland Europe. Via the ECN, clients gain access to multiple liquidity providers through a single connection. The platform deliberately focuses on spot FX and metals only, playing to our strengths to ensure the quality of our products.

Most of the business on the platform is conducted though API connections. However, we offer a trading client and algorithmic trading solutions as well.

The ECN aggregates quotes from various liquidity providers and handles the administrative process required for settlement.

The advantages of an ECN

Via the Solid FX ECN you get access to multiple liquidity providers through a single connection. The only requirement is that a legal agreement is in place between your prime broker and one of Solid's central counterparties, to enable trade settlement.

  1. Aggregation — the ECN aggregates quotes from multiple liquidity providers and offers its clients an aggregated book
  2. Ordering — when a client order is executed, Solid sends a confimation to the client and a report to the central counterparty
  3. Settlement — as both the client’s prime broker and the central counterparty have received a trade report, they can settle the trade
Diagram of the Solid FX platform

Outstanding coverage of virtually every major currency, EM currencies and metals

Extensive network of FX prime and secondary brokers

Access via FIX API and leading third party platform providers