About Solid

Making a
difference in the
world of FX

Solid is a fintech company, offering foreign exchange trading solutions for the institutional market. Its best-known product is Solid FX, the only true multi-bank ECN in mainland Europe. For clients who require a more tailored approach, Solid offers disclosed market making services through Solid Investing. All technology is developed and maintained in-house, to guarantee quality and reliability.

The Solid team has a deep understanding of markets, financial products and trading strategies and is able to build a bridge between these disciplines. Solid fills the gap in financial knowledge that most IT companies display and speaks the language trading firms expect, providing its clients with deep liquidity for spot FX, with transparency and complete anonymity.

Solid is backed by RBS and Standard Chartered as prime broker and central party for clearing and settlement.

01. — Key values

These are the things
we find most

We are knowledgable

Solid employs highly experienced FX professionals from different disciplines in the FX space.

We are a Solid partner

With our in-house knowledge, our transparent way of working and eye for detail, we are a reliable partner.

We are transparent

We are transparent towards our clients, our liquidity providers and all our other stakeholders about our business and the way we operate.

We are a family

Solid has an open, friendly family yet professional culture which is highly valued by our employees, clients and other stakeholders.

Skyline of Amsterdam

02. — History

From humble
beginnings to
great ambitions

Solid was founded in 2009, by two young but experienced algorithmic traders, with extensive knowledge of both the FX market and HFT technologies. Rather than continuing to work for large, impersonal firms, they decided to start a boutique trading house focused on quality and performance. Solid would not just provide liquidity to the market, but also provide the personal and tailored services that finance professionals require.

Since then, the company has continued to grow into a tightly-knit team of experts in trading and technology. In the Solid office in Purmerend (just outside of Amsterdam), two things are paramount: firstly, helping our clients achieve business success and secondly, making sure the process is straightforward and enjoyable for all parties involved.

03. — Team

Meet our Solid people

  • Diego Baptista
    Diego Baptista
    CEO Founder
  • José Baptista
    José Baptista
    COO Founder
  • Boy Cooper
    Boy Cooper
    CFO Board
  • Stijn Reijne
    Stijn Reijne
    Liquidity Manager Business
  • Ujwal Esturi
    Ujwal Esturi
    Liquidity Manager Business
  • Titus Pellegrom
    Working Student Business
  • Eelco Wisselink
    Eelco Wisselink
    Support Engineer Operations
  • Remco de Koning
    Remco de Koning
    IT Manager Development
  • Martin Dirkzwager
    Martin Dirkzwager
    Software Architect Development
  • Ozgun Isik
    Software Architect Development
  • Arnoud van Delden
    Arnoud van Delden
    Software Architect Development
  • Kenneth Baptista
    Darren Barker
    Sales Business
  • Iris de Wilde
    Iris de Wilde
    Office Manager Office

04. — Careers

You could be
the one we’re
looking for

As an innovative, creative and fast growing company, Solid provides their employees with the perfect environment to evolve and develop both professionally and personally on many levels.

At Solid, we have a proud tradition of attracting and retaining the most talented, hardworking individuals across our business. In our business, people are our most important asset.

We are large enough to provide substantial resources to each of our employees, yet small enough so that each team member’s contribution is recognized. This combination drives our culture, and is one of Solid’s most attractive and distinguishing features.

Solid employs individuals with unique personalities, goals, backgrounds and views. We believe that diversity and inclusion strategies are the catalyst for success and innovation in the workplace.

We currently have no open positions available, but if you are interested in possible future opportunities at Solid, please submit your C.V. and motivational letter to:


05. — Legal

The small print

06. — Technical Docs

The nitty gritty details

Interested in
working together?

We would love to tell you more about our solutions! Email or call Boy Cooper or contact the Solid headquarters for more information.

Boy Cooper
Office: +31 299 434867

All contact info

Boy Cooper
Office: +31 299 434867
Email: boy@solid-fx.com